Husband, dad, proud owner of Milo the Sound Hound, editor of Theonomics (published by Sacristy Press), interested in the relationships between faith and economics and faith and leadership.


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  1. Andrew,. for reasons I don’t understand I have not always been able to access your blog – but today have done so; spent time to read so much of it and am thrilled! What an encouragement and what time and thought you must have put into all the reflections so we can be blessed too. Thank you! love Sue

  2. Andrew,
    An excellent case for subsidiarity here. The only problem that I can see is that the GAFCON people who stayed away from Canterbury this time will probably never admit that S/S Marriage is of a Second-Order provenance within the Church. However, what you present does seem to be the only clear way forward for the Anglican Communion.

    (I have taken the invitation to publish part of your excellent essay – dealing with subsidiarity – on my blogsite at – kiwianglo – .Thank you for your continued theologising on Theoreo.)

  3. Thank you for your kind words. You are right that some (GAFCON etc) will never accept the second order nature, hence ultimately a smaller communion and I daresay C of E is the only consequence. But, at least then we can focus on the quality of ‘the thing.’

  4. Andrew, just wanted to say that I enjoyed your gracious, erudite and perceptive review of (reviews of) Vicky’s book. Surprised to find (after a little research) that we are almost neighbours in the Aylesbury Vale. Very best wishes to you — and if you are ever going to be in the region of Aylesbury and craving a free cup of coffee do please let me know. Just don’t wear your Saints shirt … 😉

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