An LGBTI lament

Last night I met a man who had been imprisoned just for being himself and, heard the story of a young girl, who could no longer live with the notion that she could just be herself.

I met many people whose love is considered second class. I met folk of courage with real stories to tell.

I met people who love their God, but no longer the church.

I met people committed to providing safe places, in the church, for those who have been alienated, rebuked, forsaken and, told that they no longer fit, by, wait for it, the church. Thank God for those who respond to the Gethsemane lament and even the Golgotha cry.

And, I felt ashamed. I felt ashamed that despite all that has taken place, their stories are not heard, listened to & truly acknowledged. I felt ashamed that their lives are case studies to be analysed & problems to be solved.

We are supposed to be the body, our table is supposed to be broad, we are supposed to be, called to be, mandated to be ‘OneBodyOneFaith.’ And yet, and yet, we fail and for that I lament.





One thought on “An LGBTI lament

  1. I’ve been reading, day by day, a book of poems titled “This Is What Gives Us Time” by Kevin Brophy, an Australian poet and academic. I read this poem for the first time yesterday and here are some excerpts from it:

    Negatives not to live by

    Do not be angry, it is thankless work.
    Do not be so mild mannered, you will dissolve in the rain.

    Do not act so familiar, you are among strangers.
    Do not be so formal, you may forget how to stumble.

    Do not be disappointed, you are no one’s god.
    Do not say you are lucky as you stand with your boot on this neck.

    Do not be kind to beggars, they are over-acting.
    Do not ignore the beggars, you’ll end with pockets full of useless coins.

    Do not be resentful, it will spoil your day, day after day.
    Do not be grateful, it will only make you resentful.

    Do not do it, whatever it is. Do not say it, whatever it is.
    Do not miss one chance to indulge your impulses.

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