I want to belong

I want to belong.

I want to belong to a church.

A church where all may flourish and, none need fear.

A church where lives are affirmed and, where hurts are healed.

A church where stories are told and, lives made anew.

A church where the hungry are fed and, where goodness is shared.

A church that reaches out and, says come in.

A church that beckons and, softly calls, to all who hear:

‘Come in and claim the place that is ritefully yours.’

I want to belong to a church.

(Well its not going to win any poetry prizes, but that’s okay – just so long as we can belong).




11 thoughts on “I want to belong

  1. Andrew, A prayer I have always liked- God our Father, graciously hallow with your blessing this our parish church. May it be a place where the sorrowing find comfort and the tempted strength; where the lonely find fellowship and the sinner forgiveness; where the faithful find grace, and all offer you a holy worship: in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.

    From Frank Colquhoun ” New Parish Prayers”


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  2. Well. A poet blogger. I love it. Only (a very slight) criticism – the overuse of exclamation marks. Something I do regularly. My grammar book has advised me to ‘stick to declarative sentences, humanely and intelligently expressed. Leave your exclamation marks at home.’ But then church is home, isn’t it.

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