Eddie Jones for PM?

The world is a bizarre and strange place at present. In fact it appears, at least to my mind, to have gone stark raving mad. So, I thought I would add a little to the overall climate of lunacy.

Why not make Eddie Jones P.M.? We would have to get over the fact that he is not actually British and, has no automatic right of residency, but where there’s a will, there’s a way. Of course we don’t know the precise nature of his political convictions, but maybe in the current climate that is entirely beside the point?

So why should we consider him for the highest job in the land? What are his credentials?

Well, he did wonders with the Japanese rugby team; don’t forget this minnow of the game beat one of the true giants of the oval balled game, the mighty South Africa, in the Rugby World Cup (an even more astonishing win that Iceland’s over England in the round ball game, me thinks).

He then inherited an England squad that had been embarrassed beyond the norms of decency in the Rugby World Cup, in our own country, and we invented the game for goodness sake!

And now, his team have won nine straight games in a row.

There is obviously something about Eddie.

But seriously he has done something incredible. He has taken a group of journeyman and transformed them into the second ranked team in the world. He achieved a Grand Slam and now he has gone back to his home country and won a test series three nil!

How has he done it? Well, who really knows. It is impossible to say without being in the camp.But, we can observe a few overall characteristics of his leadership:

He clearly puts the team and not himself first, (Boris!)

He will not accommodate talented but self obsessed mavericks (Chris Ashton).

He encourages talent, but protects it, keeping his young stars entirely focused on the job in hand (Maro Itoje).

He has managed to breath new life into careers that were starting to look like they were petering out (Chris Robshaw, James Haskell, Courtney Lawes).

He acknowledges his own mistakes and acts quickly to correct them (substituting Luther Burrell and Teimana Harrison after only 25 minutes).

He nurtures young talent and exposes it, in a controlled way, to the harsh reality of the test match environment (Paul Hill, Jack Clifford).

And, he is responsible for the redemption of an entire career, turning Dylan Hartley from sinner to saint.

And he smiles and cracks jokes (not always in the best of taste, mind).

He is the sort of leader we need; let’s make him P.M. !




One thought on “Eddie Jones for PM?

  1. Anyone who attended Matraville Sports High School has unrivalled qualifications. So go Eddie!
    With Wimbledon taking centre court, perhaps a tennis player should be considered for PM. I nominate Serena Williams, a veteran who has won more Grand Slams than any male player, a dominating presence with a great fashion sense and a killer serve. This lady can lead. Maybe the US needs her more?

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