There’s something about Mary M!

Hide and seek was one of my favourite childhood games. A good hiding place provided the opportunity to nourish the hermit within, to spend time alone. It had the added benefit of annoying my seekers – specifically my sister (not very kind I know!)

Perhaps, the first post resurrection encounter, between Jesus and Mary M, is a bit like hide and seek, but with one exception. The role of seeker is reversed.

Jesus asks Mary: ‘For whom are you looking,’ (John 20, 15). Mary, the seeker can’t see what is right in front of her face, not hidden but present, the Lord Jesus Christ. Because Mary can’t find Jesus, He, in his mercy, changes the rules of the game. Jesus becomes the seeker and finds Mary, and not some artificial putting on her best front Mary, but the real and highly vulnerable Mary. Jesus through this encounter shows that He really is the consummate game changer. Jesus changes, through the resurrection, everything; for all time. He brings us in from the cold; he allows us to become real once again.

But, what else can we learn? Perhaps simply this: rather than seeking we simply need to let ourselves be found. Perhaps to really experience resurrection we need to stop trying so hard and simply let Jesus find us?

So this week why don’t we pray that Jesus finds us anew and then simply sit and wait. 



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