For all my Emmaus Road friends.

So many people have been part of my journey and, to all of you thank you. As I leave theological college today I feel truly humbled. I am experiencing a sense of sadness mixed with anticipation. I hope, as I previously reflected, that the next stage of my journey (and yours) will ‘be a far, far better thing than I have ever done before.’

This morning my mind drifted towards the Emmaus Road story (Luke 24,  13-15). I began to think about how many, or all of you, have been my Emmaus Road friends.

You have met me and greeted me,

You have listened to my story, heard my confusion,

You have walked with me, talked with me, stayed with me,

You have eaten with me,

You have revealed something of Him to me.

And, this is surely what Christian pilgrimage and mission, at its most basic (yet profound?) level is all about: just being present for each other, sharing our stories as we seek to understand the wisdom and mystery of God, going the extra mile with those we are charged to love and care for and, finally, living the sacramental life together, both in the Eucharist and, through ‘common’ hospitality.

If this is our approach we can be confident that  ‘eyes will be opened and we will recognize him,’ (a paraphrase of Luke, 24, 31). How do I know this? Simple, its been my experience, my journey.

So to you all whether you are family, friend, colleague, student, teacher brother, sister, thank you. You have been true Emmaus Road friends. God bless you all.


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